Disney - The Disney 100 Concert: An Enchanted Symphony to Celebrate a Century of Magic

By Mulder, Nanterre, Arena Paris La Défense, 10 november 2023

During rehearsals on Friday November 10, we were able to discover the Disney 100: 100 Years of Disney concert at the Paris La Défense Arena. This extremely gratifying, transcendent and memorable experience transcended all expectations. 

The strategic choice of the Arena Paris La Défense, Europe's largest concert hall, as the venue for this grandiose celebration added an epic dimension to Disney's centenary commemoration. The enchantment began with the announcement of the participation of Patrick Fiori, the enchanter par excellence, as the evening's host. His charismatic presence was the icing on the cake, creating a magical connection between the audience and the fairytale world of Disney.

At the heart of this extraordinary event, a symphony orchestra of over 100 musicians, a massive 350-voice choir, captivating dancers, solo singers and iconic Disney voices fused their talents to create an immersive aural experience. The Sinfonia Pop Orchestra, with its fresh, vibrant energy, added a contemporary dimension to this enchanted symphony.

The musical program was carefully orchestrated, offering a complete retrospective of timeless Disney classics, from early masterpieces such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast to recent triumphs such as Vaïana and The Snow Queen. The presence of iconic music from the Marvel, Pixar, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars universes broadened the scope of the celebration, creating an experience that transcends generations.

Colossal screens over 60 meters long masterfully projected the most iconic moments in Disney history, creating a visual immersion that transported audiences into the fantastical worlds of Disney magic. Special effects, light shows and lasers added an extra layer of enchantment to an already enchanting celebration.

Special guests brought their own sparkle to the event. Michael Gregorio, Cerise Calixte, Debbie Davis, Nour, Anne Sila and the French troupe Encanto gave outstanding performances that had the audience in raptures. Emotional moments abounded, especially with the legendary voice of Debbie Davis, the voice of The Lion King, movingly interpreting "The Story of Life".

A special mention must be made of the talented young artists from the 100 Years Academy. These 12 children, carefully selected after rigorous auditions, brought a touch of freshness and spontaneity to the show. Their participation, directed by Académie godmother Cerise Calixte, added a touching emotional dimension to the evening.

Maxime Guény's expertise as show director ensured that the event flowed exceptionally smoothly. His ability to orchestrate the entire show, coordinate the various artistic elements and maintain the vibrant energy of the audience contributed significantly to the evening's success.

The enchanted journey of over three hours transported the audience through decades of Disney magic, from classic tales to recent cinematic hits. The well-planned intermissions allowed the audience to savor every moment and immerse themselves in the magic between acts.

Audiences can enjoy this sumptuous concert tonight and tomorrow night at Europe's largest concert venue, the Paris La Défense Arena.

The Disney 100: 100 Years of Disney concert at Paris La Défense Arena wasn't just a musical event, it was a magical celebration that captured the very essence of Disney magic. Whether you're a long-time nostalgic or a newcomer to the enchanted world of Disney, this evening will be remembered as an unforgettable experience, an epic celebration of the centenary of a company that has shaped the imagination of entire generations.

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photos and videos: Boris Colletier / Mulderville

(Source : press release)