Lego - Lego: All the new Lego products for your Christmas selections

By Mulder, Paris, Galerie Joseph, 21 september 2022

Since its creation in 1932, the Lego brand has enchanted young and old alike and unleashed the passions of the vast AFOL* community! The Lego Group's mission is to awaken creative souls, inspire and develop the skills of today's and tomorrow's builders. To fulfill this promise, the Lego brand keeps innovating through varied and colorful worlds to make the play experience a convivial moment, synonymous with fulfillment and imagination.  

As part of the Lego Play Well 2022 study, the company surveyed more than 55,000 parents and children in over 30 countries. Among other things, the study found that the vast majority of parents believe that children develop creativity (93%), communication skills (92%), problem-solving skills (92%) and self-confidence (91%) when they play. During play, they develop skills that help them thrive in a rapidly changing world.  Almost all children say that playing together as a family makes them happy (97%), helps them relax and forget about school (95%) and is their favourite way to learn. But play isn't just for kids. According to 95% of parents, playing together makes the whole family happier, strengthens family ties and improves well-being.  More than 4 out of 5 (85%) parents surveyed specifically cited the Lego brand, and said their family is happier when they play with Lego bricks.  Whether it's 1932, 2022, or when we celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2032, we strive to keep this legacy alive by helping families around the world play well.  Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, Chairman - The Lego Group 

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the Lego brand wants to turn the world into a giant playground, inviting people of all ages to play, to experience the benefits of play and to show how wonderful the world can be when approached with a playful spirit.  So the group created an extraordinary 90-day campaign, which kicked off on June 10 and incorporates the brand's anniversary date of August 10. As part of this anniversary, the Lego brand has also created a Lego exhibition, which is being held in Paris from July 6 to September 25 at the Galerie Joseph; it recounts the history of the brand, its commitments to CSR, its iconic products presented in an original way, giant constructions, and of course, workshops to play and create with the family!

Thanks to the brick, the Lego play system is in essence mixed. The brand wishes to show its will of inclusion and diversity by proposing a large choice of products answering the needs and the varied tastes of all! Indeed, it is important for the company to offer its public building sets that can satisfy any fan, whatever his age, his level of construction, his tastes or his personality - thus allowing him to express himself freely and develop his creative potential with infinite building possibilities.  

The Lego brand wants to play a role in the lives of all children by helping them develop their skills, giving them access to play, inspiring and engaging them to shape a sustainable future. The Lego Foundation and the Lego Group have recently developed programs for blind and visually impaired children as well as children with autism. In 2020, the Lego Group launched Lego Braille Bricks, bricks adapted for blind and visually impaired children, in seven countries including France. In 2021, the Lego brand joined Play Included* to renew the Brick-by-Brick** program, a program for autistic children that helps them benefit from support in social communication and stimulates their emotional well-being.  

Through the Lego Foundation and the creation of community programs, the Lego Group is committed to working with organizations such as UNICEF, Save the Children and local partners to make play accessible to all. The goal of this learning program is to help 8 million children a year worldwide by 2022 by giving them the opportunity to develop life skills like problem solving, collaboration and communication.  Also, the holiday season is a wonderful time for many children, but not everyone is blessed with toys under the tree. As part of its Rebuild the World campaign, Lego is relaunching its #BuildtoGive initiative and encouraging families to express their creativity by building a Christmas ornament out of Lego bricks to give an underprivileged child the opportunity to play.

The Lego Group is making ever greater efforts in the area of sustainability.  The company has already taken a series of steps to preserve the planet through more ethical and responsible production, including: 
- 100% of plastic waste from the production line is re-injected into production 
- In 2018: the first bio-plastic elements were launched; a plastic made from sustainable sugar cane  
- In 2021: the new prototype uses PET plastic from disposable bottles, and is the first brick made from recycled material that meets the company's strict quality and safety specifications 
- Since the beginning of 2021: progressive replacement of single-use plastic bags with recyclable paper bags. In the wake of these initiatives, the brand is setting new ambitions: 
- Goal 2025: make all packaging 100% sustainable, including eliminating single-use plastic in all products, packaging and operations 
- Goal 2030: Offer only products made from sustainable materials

Lego Duplo

Specially designed for little hands as young as 18 months, the Lego Duplo brick is eight times bigger than the classic Lego brick. The Lego DUPLO range offers an ideal play experience and accompanies the little ones in each stage of their development.  Discovering nature and wildlife has never been so much fun with the wild animals of Europe. With toddler-friendly bricks, children can play with 11 animals such as a bear, fox and boar in their natural environment. This product also includes a 3D forest play mat.   The most intrepid little explorers can also discover wild Asian animals in their natural habitat: adult and baby elephants, pandas and tigers, bamboo, cherry blossoms and much more. This product includes a sound brick that reproduces animal noises and calls.  Turn bath time into playtime with the floating animal island bath toy! Mix and match 4 adorable animals and balls to play with in the bath. After this moment of relaxation, put them away inside the island. Experience a lively day at the fire station with the fire station and helicopter. This product is ideal to introduce the job of firefighters to the little ones: the team goes down the slide and climbs into the truck with the flashing light and siren. The helicopter takes off from the roof and once the mission is completed, it's time to train, enjoy a pizza and go to bed... before starting a new day.

10979 | Wild Animals of Europe 
10974 | Wild Animals of Asia 
10966 | Bath toy: floating animal island 
10970 | Fire Station and Helicopter 

Lego Classic

The sets of the Lego Classic range allow children from 4 years old to give free rein to their creativity. They offer infinite possibilities of play, encourage dreaming, creation and imagination. Children can take a world of creativity with them everywhere and recreate legendary Lego models with the 90 Years of Play product. This product contains 15 miniature reproductions of famous Lego toys, from the 1932 Duck to the 2020 Pineapple Pencil Jar, plus other bricks for free building. With the creative brick box featuring windows, eyes, and lots of wheels, kids will have a wide range of bricks and colors to choose from! And for space fans, the Space Mission product includes 10 space-themed miniature buildings to stimulate endless imagination, such as a rocket, a space shuttle, the Sun, and the Earth.

11021 | 90 years of play 

10696 | Lego Creative Brick Box 

11022 | The Space Mission 

Lego Friends

With the Lego Friends range, children from 5 years old will be able to discover Heartlake City where Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie, Mia, Emma and their little companions live. The Lego Friends range offers a rich universe to live beautiful stories of friendship and sharing. This year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Lego FRIENDS range, discover the friendship tree house. Here, Heartlake City residents can enjoy many outdoor adventures and search for hidden treasures in tribute to past products. Children harvest honey from the beehive, make birdhouses, spin the windmill to make the elevator go up or play on the giant slide and swing. And for theater enthusiasts, children take a seat at the andréa theater school to shine on the stage of a sumptuous theater and have fun changing the background to an urban or medieval atmosphere.  Contemplate a superb Haussmannian building, emma's art school, with its large bay windows and its creative sign, composed of a  a paintbrush and a pencil, a work of art in itself! Children with a passion for creative art can imagine themselves participating in the various classes at this school, and then having their work photographed in the studio.  With olivia's space academy, little astronauts' passion reaches a stratospheric level. Alongside their Lego Friends, they discover space: from the shuttle's thrusters to the virtual reality simulator. The cargo bay opens and the mini-dolls explore space with the Canadarm. On Earth, there is a telescope, a control room and a space gallery.

41703 | The friendship tree house 
41714 | Andrea's Theater School 
41711 | Emma's Art School
41713 | Olivia's Space Academy 

Lego Disney

The Lego Disney range invites children from 5 years old to discover a whole universe of Lego constructions with a touch of Disney magic. They can create and recreate the adventures of their favorite Disney characters in iconic settings. Let their imagination sparkle! A new and very colorful universe is coming up! Meet and experience the captivating adventures of Abuela, Mirabel and Antonio with the  Madrigal house - dDsney Encanto.  Open the doors to Cinderella's castle and the charming prince. Young builders can have adventures with Cinderella, Prince Charming and Madame de Tremaine, as well as with the Lego animals Gus and Lucifer in the legendary castle inspired by the  Disney movie. With dark adventures in the castle, unfold the sides of the castle to access every nook and cranny. Discover the 5 iconic characters, Ariel, Vaiana, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana. Each princess has a dedicated room in the castle that can be opened wide.

43202 | The Madrigal House 
43206 | Cinderella and Prince Charming's Castle 
43205 | Epic Adventures in the Castle 

Lego Dots

Lego DOTS products allow you to dive into a colorful, creative and playful world! With bracelets, keychains and home decor items to assemble, design and decorate, kids can explore different ways to express themselves. There are many ways to decorate and organize their room with Lego DOTS decorative items. The large message board provides a great medium for creativity. 3 types of boards can be made to create different patterns. With the message board product, each child can create unique messages and modify them according to his mood or his desires with the tiles. In addition, the XXL storage tray allows to sort and store the different elements.  Children can make beautiful creations with The mega-box of key rings - messages: 2 different sizes of key rings and many letter tiles allow children to create their own messages and patterns. Discover The creative box - back to school mickey mouse and minnie mouse with accessories and many colorful tiles featuring Mickey, Minnie and friends. The product includes 6 supports, including a chest of drawers with Mickey ears, a photo frame, a note holder with a secret compartment and 2 key rings.

Lego city

The Lego CITY range offers children from 5 years old to recreate a city full of action and humor, and to become the main actors of their daily life. Replay the action scenes from the Lego City Adventures TV series or invent new stories full of twists and turns? It's possible with the 3-story police station that includes a patrol car, a helicopter, a jail with an escape function, a dog training area and meet the heroes of the TV series such as Chief Wheeler, Allen and Daisy Kaboom. Fire! Discover the 3-story fire station that includes a truck, helicopter, 5 mini-figures, a dog and a cat. To fight fires, kids can throw water elements from the fire truck.  For those who dream of becoming future doctors and nurses, the hospital is ideal for role-playing, with different areas such as the reception area with a playroom for children, a maternity ward, toilets and an MRI room. The product also includes an ambulance, a rescue helicopter, road plates to connect it to other Lego products and 12 minifigures, including 4 characters from the Lego TV City Adventures series.

60316 | The Police Station

60330 | The Hospital

60320 | The Fire Station

Lego City

Get into the action with the Lego City Stuntz universe! Races, stunts, jumps, back wheels, it's going to move at Lego CITY! With the looping chimpanzee stunner, kids can perform crazy stunts with the retrofriction motorcycle. After releasing it, it speeds through the loop, jumps on the springboard and goes over the mechanical chimp. This toy also includes a spectator stand, Lego flames and many other accessories. the stunt arena with the double looping allows for more real-life stunts: the motorcycles run on the springboard to cross a Monster Truck and a wall of flames, defy gravity in a looping and then run to escape the jaws of a snake, and finally set fire to a second looping for a spectacular exit. the stunt challenge: the swings allows children to take on challenges. The objective is to try to hit suspended bars to win the grand prize! It is even possible to increase the level of difficulty by adjusting the course. Experience the adventure of stunts!

60338 | The Bumping Chimpanzee Loop $54.99 PVC
60339 | Stunt Arena with Double Loop €149.99 PVC
60341 | The Stunt Challenge: The Pendulums 19,99 € PVC

Lego Ninjago

The Lego Ninjago® range takes children from 4 years old on extraordinary adventures through the fantastic lands of the Ninjago world. Our brave ninja heroes, Cole, Nya, Zane, Lloyd, Jai and Kai and their master Sensei Wu are ready to face terrible adversaries to save Lego Ninjago®. With Lloyd's ultra golden dragon, kids can build a 4 headed dragon. This incredible creature is the largest Lego NINJAGO® dragon ever created, it is fully articulated and can spread its wings in golden blades. He is accompanied by 9 minifigures including 5 ninjas such as Lloyd Oni golden and 4 villains to fight 
fights. Ninja fans can even replay the adventures of Nya's samurai robot x. This robot is impressive with its articulated knees, arms, legs and hips and it can shoot its enemies with its 2 spring guns. He is accompanied by several exclusive minifigures. Watch out for the Crystal King! The creature takes the form of a centaur with 4 legs, 2 arms, wings and even has a platform on the torso to attach a minifigure that will be ready to go into battle. Cole's dragon car is a vehicle with impressive golden lightning-like blades that can be pushed forward in dragon attack mode. Numerous ninja enemies are included, such as the General Snake Aspheera and a vengeful Stone Brute, to set the stage for exciting battles! All of these products are inspired by the Lego ninjago: Crystallized TV series.

71774 | Lloyd's Golden Ultra Dragon 

71775 | Samurai X Robot by Nya

71772 | The Crystal King 

71769 | Cole's Dragon Car

Lego Super Mario

The hero of children's favorite video game comes to life in the real world with the Lego Super Mario line! The result of a groundbreaking partnership between the Lego Group and Nintendo, the little plumber with a moustache is coming out of his screen to give kids ages 6 and up a revolutionary gaming experience full of stunts, coins, challenges and enemies... now with a new interactive game mode, which connects two characters for a two-player adventure in the Lego Super Mario universe! It all starts with the Adventures of Peach starter pack, which includes the interactive Peach figure, the starting pipe and the finishing flag. 3, 2, 1... Time! After building their first level, kids have 60 seconds to earn coins with Lego Peach on the swing and by interacting with the yellow Toad!  Lego Peach displays her emotions in real time via an LCD screen and speaker. When this character is connected via Bluetooth to Lego Mario or Lego Luigi, the team wins bonus coins! What would the Lego Super Mario universe be without all the worlds and universes?  Check out the Peach Castle expansion set, which allows kids to add a mythical place to their Lego Super Mario universe. It includes a throne room with a rotating wall to reveal Bowser, a stained glass window featuring Peach, and even a special pipe: Peach Castle and more. 
To complete the experience, you can add the Frozen Tower and Peach Cat Costume Expansion Set, which includes a cat costume that Lego Peach can put on to climb the tower, as well as three characters: Kamek, Toad and a Goomba cat. With the yoshi gift house expansion set, greet Yoshi, take a nap and pick fruit that turns golden after a ride on the candy carousel, then use the gift box to share it with another interactive character.

71403 | Adventures of Peach Starter Pack 

71408 | Peach's Castle Expansion Pack 

71406 | Yoshi's Gift House Expansion Pack 

71407 | The Frozen Tower and Peach Cat Suit Expansion Set

Lego Minecraft

Lego Minecraft products allow you to recreate the popular video game in the real world! Kids love to rebuild the Minecraft universe brick by brick and embark on exciting quests featuring the iconic characters and objects from the video game. Experience the crazy construction of the Minecraft universe with the Fox House: a house shaped like a giant fox, where kids can lift the roof to gain access to the interior, or remove the back to reveal numerous accessories. In the mushroom house, kids join the game's iconic characters. Alex uses a bowl to milk the mushroom for soup. But he has to change his plans when a skeleton-ridden spider wrecks everything in its path. Kids can also build the bunny ranch in the shape of a giant rabbit. Outside, they'll find 2 rabbits to feed with the carrots growing on the farm next door, before hopping them with a lever on the back. Near the ranch, a cave serves as a hiding place to an emblematic Minecraft enemy: the zombie. Finally, the bravest can discover the llama village, a large llama that opens to reveal furnished rooms, and can even "spit" projectiles at hostile creatures. Six customizable modules can be freely positioned around the llama, between its legs or on its back, populated by numerous creatures and baby animals.

21178 | The Fox's Refuge 

21179 | The Mushroom House 

21188 | The Lama Village 

21181 | The Rabbit Ranch

Lego Technic

Lego Technic has been challenging builders for many years now. From airplanes and cranes to sports cars and motorcycles, the Lego TECHNIC line offers children aged 7 and up unique models with advanced features. The Ford mustang shelby® GT500® is perfect for kids who dream of taking on challenges and testing the performance of their vehicle. This model is also a great display piece: just add the rear hood to get a sleek look. The car is powered by 2 retro-friction engines and the experience is taken to the next level with the AR app and its many augmented reality features.With the mclaren formula 1 race car, take part in frantic, action-packed races! Inspired by the original supercar, Lego and McLaren Racing designers worked closely together to develop their model. This Lego Technic version features a V6 engine with moving pistons, steering, suspension and differential.

Discover and build the mythical Ferrari Daytona SP3, the 4th model of the Lego Technic Ultimate Car Concept range. Designed in collaboration with Ferrari, this car includes a steering system, a V12 engine, an 8-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel paddles and many other options. 

With the Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter, young adventurers will love learning how a helicopter works and how the different parts interact with each other as they build this rescue vehicle. Watch as the rotors turn at slow and fast speeds, the retractable landing gear, the winch and the engine turn.

42138 | Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500® 

42141 | McLaren Formula 1 Race Car 

42143 | Ferrari Daytona SP3 

42145 | Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter

Lego Harry Potter

The Lego Harry Potter range transports children aged 7 and over to a world of limitless magic! Welcome to Hogwarts, the wizarding school! The trunk contains furniture that magically transforms, props from the movies and a selection of minifigures that children can use to invent many adventures. Children can decorate their trunk with Lego bricks in the colors of their house and add stickers. All the elements fit in the trunk so they can take the Hogwarts magic everywhere. Hogwarts Court: Rescuing Sirius is inspired by cult scenes from the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It includes iconic characters such as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Sirius Black as well as Buck. After a daring rescue at the top of Hogwarts Tower, the kids head off on their next magical adventure on the Firebolt, Harry's famous racing broom! Hogwarts: dumbledore's multi-level office includes various iconic rooms from the film. Find items such as Harry's invisibility cloak, the Pensine, the legendary sword of Gryffindor, the Sorting Hat, and baby Fumseck rising from the ashes. The Ministry of Magic captures the intensity of the activity in the Ministry. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, by turning their heads, can transform into Albert Runcorn, Mafalda Hopkrik and Reg Cattermole. The facade hides several interiors: the offices of Dolores Umbridge and Arthur Weasley, the prophecy room and the courtroom. The children must find the Slytherin medallion and escape without being caught by Yaxley, Pius and the Destroyer!

76399 | Hogwarts' Magic Trunk 

76401 | Hogwarts Court: Sirius' Rescue

76402 | Hogwarts: Dumbledore's Office 

76403 | Ministry of Magic 

Lego Star Wars

With the Lego Star Wars line, fans can recreate and relive the mythical scenes of the Star Wars saga with their families. Fans of the Mandalorian series will not be able to remain insensitive in front of the n-1 Mandalorian fighter. It has a cockpit, a passenger space for Grogu, a cargo compartment, a spring cannon and many other details.  Also featured are the characters of the Mandalorian, Peli Motto, Grogu and the droid BD-1.  Kids can replay epic missions and battles from the Obi-Wan Kenobi series with the Inquisitor's Scythian ship.  The model features adjustable wings, 2 spring-loaded cannons and a ramp. 

Write a new chapter in Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett with the Boba Fett Throne Room. The palace opens to access the throne room, barbecue and kitchen. Product includes throne with secret compartment, pop-up feature to eject Bib Fortuna, tilting steps and many accessories. 7 iconic characters are included in the product such as Bib Fortuna (new in March 2022), a Theelin dancer, a Weequay guard, a Gamorrean guard and a Quarren. Fans of the Star Wars: Andor series can stage an action-packed ambush on Ferrix with The Ambush on Ferrix featuring a Tac-Pod with opening roof and sides, adjustable wings for flight and landing modes, a dual rotary cannon, and a speeder for Cassian Andor, Luthen Rael, or Syril Karn, each equipped with a blaster pistol for combat.

75325 | The Mandalorian N-1 Fighter 
75338 | Ambush on Ferrix $79.99 PVC

75336 | Inquisitor's Scythian Ship 

75326 | Boba Fett's Throne Room 

Lego Marvel

For extraordinary adventures, children can find their superheroes with the Lego Marvel line. Any fan of Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie remembers the famous scene in which Baby Groot dances. Discover my name is Groot, this fully articulated model is a replica of the irresistible character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The replica of the famous tape is included for a nod to the music of the movie!

The Thor's Drakkar product allows you to replay scenes from the Marvel Studios film Thor: Love and Thunder. Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, the legendary goats, pull the drakkar through the sky. The cabin's opening roof makes it easy to get inside. It's going to take off with the flying drakkar!  Wakanda forever! - Put Shuri's sunbird product in the hands of Black Panther fans to take their imagination to Wakanda and beyond! With the steerable motors and adjustable wings, you can modify the device to suit your imagined scenes.

76217 | My name is Groot 

76208 | Thor's Drakkar 

Lego Batman

The Batmobile: Chasing the Penguin is a missile-launching vehicle that puts the action of The Batman movie in the hands of children. Armed with 2 spring-loaded cannons that fire missiles simultaneously or separately, this Batmobile is equipped for combat. The product includes a Batman minifigure, with a cloth cape, and a Penguin minifigure, with a gun and a hand-held rocket launcher.

76181 | The Batmobile: Chasing the Penguin 

76211 | Shuri's Sunbird 

Lego Avatar

Discover the new Lego Avatar line. These new products will allow fans to recreate their favorite scenes from the movie, such as remembering the unique moment when the team discovers the legendary Hallelujah Floating Mountains and sets up camp away from Colonel Quaritch; all while admiring and building the many details and winks included in this line. With the Toruk makto and the Tree of Souls, it is possible to explore many facets of Pandora on the back of a powerful Toruk or Equidius, and communicate with the Na'vis through the sacred Tree of Souls. Fans of the film can replay the scene in which Jake learns from Neytiri how to link with his Banshee to become a Na'vi and connect with him, and by gliding over Pandora on Jake and Neytiri's first banshee flight. With the floating mountains: sector 26 and the samson rda, let's get adventurous! The product includes 2 minifigures of Jake Sully, in human and Na'vi form, an Equidius (Pa'li), a futuristic SA-2 Samson helicopter, a Sector 26 container and a set with glow-in-the-dark elements.

75574 | Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls 

75572 | Jake and Neytiri's First Flight in the Banshee 

75573 | The Floating Mountains: Sector 26 and the Samson RDA 

Lego Jurassic Word

Explore the world of Lego Jurassic World, where huge dinosaurs roam. Inspired by the Jurassic World movies, the products feature dinosaurs of all sizes and species including triceratops, velociraptors and tyrannosaurs. But also vehicles, buildings and laboratories, scientific equipment and much more. 

With the Giganotosaurus and Therizinosaurus Attack product, stage a duel between the Giganotosaurus and Therizinosaurus. On the observation tower, the platform is designed to collapse in case of an attack. Help Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Dr. Ellie Sattler thwart the dinosaur attack. 

Escape from the t. rex and atrociraptor includes two articulated dinosaurs, which are causing panic in the market. This one features an enclosure with an escape function for the T. rex, and the truck can accommodate 2 Atrociraptors. To fly away, they can rely on the quetzalcoatlus' airplane ambush. With a cockpit that can accommodate 3 minifigures, spinning propellers, the plane includes a compartment that opens and engines that detach in case of an attack. The escape of the t. rex, allows to discover the range Lego Jurassic World to children from 4 years with an airport, a helicopter, a buggy and a T. rex easy to build.

76949 | Giganotosaurus and Therizinosaurus Attack 

76948 | The Escape of the T. Rex and the Atrociraptor 

76947 | Quetzalcoatlus Airplane Ambush 

Lego the adult universe

The Lego Group has found that adults are looking for constructive activities to escape and relax. According to the Playwell study conducted among 18,435 adults, 65% of adults believe that playing allows them to evacuate the stress of everyday life.  The Lego brand therefore invites adult fans to take time for themselves with dedicated sets and offers.   The Adult universe is a unique visual identity, to group together products that meet the expectations and different interests of adults (vehicles, travel, decoration ...). Floral arrangement and decoration enthusiasts will be able to design the ORCHIDÉE to their image, by customizing floral stems, flowers, roots and leaves. This set is part of the botanical collection, inspired by real plants and flowers.

Collectors will be able to ride the Vespa 125, an Italian icon inspired by the classic Vespa of the 1960s. With great accessories such as a helmet, spare tire, flower bouquet and 1960's Italian plate, the model comes to life.  Take an imaginary leap back to the 26th century B.C. and help build one of the seven wonders of the ancient world with The Great Pyramid of Giza. Build a model revealing the main tunnels and chambers of the Great Pyramid, as well as the system probably used to move the huge stones during construction. For video game enthusiasts, you can recreate the most iconic machine in Horizon Forbidden West to escape into a mysterious world dominated by machines with the horizon forbidden west: great-neck product.

76989 | Horizon Forbidden West: Great Neck 
21058 | The Great Pyramid of Giza 
10311 | The Orchid 
10298 | Vespa 125 

Lego Advent Calendar

With Lego Advent calendars, little and big kids will be able to find their favorite heroes and universes every day, to wait until D-Day. Each day has its own surprise, the Lego Friends, Lego City, Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter & Lego Marvel Advent calendars each contain 24 surprises to discover, build and collect. Endless possibilities of play to live every day the magic of Christmas!

41706 | Lego Friends Advent Calendar 

60352 | Lego City Advent Calendar 

75340 | Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 

76404 | Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar 

76231 | Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar 

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