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Music - Diane Warren and Andra Day – What do you stand up for ?

  • 12 février 2018

    "It all means nothing, if you don't stand up for something. You can't just talk the talk..you got to walk that walk.Yes you do!"

    Grammy-winning and nine-time Oscar® nominated songwriter Diane Warren and Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Andra Day have joined forces with the social media platform indi.com to launch an international call to action to help raise funds and support the efforts of non-profit organizations and causes around the world.

    Warren’s Oscar nominated song “Stand Up for Something” from MARSHALL, performed by Day and the co-songwriter Common, will serve as the musical foundation for the challenge; the anthem's powerful and inspiring lyrics speak to the respect and dignity of standing up for "what you got in your heart.” To participate in the call to action, the public can go to www.indi.com/standupforsomething/challenge ; then submit or share a video or a photo of what they #standupfor.

    Diane Warren's songs have long been embraced as anthems for groundbreaking movements - educating girls globally, supporting survivors of sexual assault, supporting humanitarian efforts in war zones and crisis zones, protection of animals and advocating for other human rights and social justice campaigns. “Stand Up for Something” was recently performed at the Women’s March by Andra Day. The song is being adopted by non-profits worldwide. Diane Warren is honored her song is part of such an important movement, “I am thrilled that Stand Up for Something is making such an impact. Right now more than ever, we need to stand up for what we believe in and what we know is right. I'm very excited to have joined forces with Andra Day, INDI.com and others for this amazing Call To Action. I cannot wait to see what people around the world will create to have their voices.”

    INDI executive Nicole Greenwood explained, “INDI.com is honored to showcase and amplify the message of this amazing call to action. We are thrilled to partner with legendary songwriter Diane Warren and amazing singer Andra Day. Diane has written many of the most popular songs of our lifetime including many that have become anthems for notable causes, including her previously Oscar® nominated song, ”Til it Happens to You” performed by Lady Gaga.”

    Indi is a video engagement and commerce platform that is revolutionizing the online world. Indi’s word-of-mouth engagement calls to action drive organic personal social sharing of brand-safe content that converts. Causes, Non-Profits, Individuals and Brands of all sizes have partnered with Indi to incentivize their customers to drive organic and authentic video and photo content throughout social media, raising funds through donations, advertising, and product sales if desired. Indi is founded by the former leaders of Buy.com, Rakuten and Bluefly who have sold more than $5 Billion online. www.indi.com/standupforsomething

    (Source :Costa Communications press release)