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Festivals - Colcoa 2018 : Focus on I love You 2

  • 16 avril 2018

    COLCOA French Film Festival is pleased to announce the 12 selections competing for the COLCOA 2018 Television Awards. This year’s Television section is comprised of television series and TV movies.

    Hector’s life is nice and neat. He’s gay, a doctor, and has been living with Jérémie for five years now. They’re even planning to adopt a child. Then he runs into his first love, Louise… and he’s head-over-heels all over again. Suddenly his cup runneth over. He truly loves them both and refuses to give up either one. So what’s a boy to do? Your classic triangular romantic farce, with more than a dash of Marivaux thrown in, this original miniseries offers a refreshingly relaxed, delicate and, at times, very funny take on homosexuality, bisexuality, shared parenting, love and family. A Jules and Jim for the 21st century!

    Clément Michel | Director Clément Michel also happens to be an actor, playwright and screenwriter. He adapted his highly successful first play, Le Carton (2004) for the big screen, co-wrote the screenplay for Thomas Sorriaux’s La Dream Team (2016), wrote and directed the feature The Stroller Strategy (2012), and has directed 12 episodes of the series En famille (2016-18). His first short, Une pute et un poussin (2011) was nominated for a César Award for Best Short Film. Co-creator Olivier Joyard studied journalism at UCLA, wrote for Cahiers du Cinéma, and has been a TV columnist for Inrockuptibles magazine since 2004. Co-creator Jérôme Larcher was also an editor at Cahiers du Cinéma and authored the book Masters of Cinema: Charlie Chaplin. Together, they co-wrote the series La Cour des Grands (2008) and co-created À l’antenne (2009) and Les Blings (2009).

    Selected by La Rochelle Fiction Festival 2017 & Luchon Festival 2018

    I love you 2
    International Premiere / TV Series (France, 2018)
    Comedy, drama | 3×52 min | Complete series | In French with English subtitles
    Directed by: Clément Michel
    Written by: Olivier Joyard, Jérôme Larcher
    Cinematography: Nicolas Mesdom
    Film Editing: Julie Dupré
    Original Score: Low
    Produced by: Hélène Delale (Italique Productions), Arte, TV5 Monde
    Cast: François Vincentelli (Hector), Julia Faure (Louise), Olivier Barthelemy (Jérémie), Camille Chamoux
    International Sales: Film & Picture
    Original Broadcast: Arte, March 2018

    ShowTime :
    Monday, April 30 – 4:15 pm – Truffaut Theatre

    (Source: press release)