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Crowdfunding - Take me to the Stars – a crowdfunding to shoot a short movie this year

  • 6 septembre 2018

    Justin Scott Lawrence is an American filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Georgia, Justin moved to Los Angeles, California in 2004. Justin is best known for his directing and producing roles in films. Justin loved acting, dancing, and singing as a kid. This love for the stage has transformed into his passion for entertainment. Justin attends the Los Angeles Film School from 2016 to 2019, where he will receive a Bachelor in Film Science.

    Take Me to the Stars is his second short film. It is a project in which we believe and this is why we share this news and would like to help him succeed and reach his $4892 goal. A lot of young directors start to work on short films in order to grow their skills and knowledge and be ready for a feature.

    Justin Lawrence is working on his project with Stephanie Renaud and Marco Andreini (Producers), Gideon Watson (Director of Photography) and Jordan Penley (1st Assistant Director). We are proud to work with Stephanie Renaud as our photographer and editor in Los Angeles.

    Here are the different steps to help Justin to achieve his goal and make his film:

    $10 - We Thank You!
    You will receive a Social Media Shout Out!

    $25 - Film Fan
    All of the above Plus:
    A personalized Video Message from the director on Social Media!
    A special 1 minute sneak peek, password protected link to the video, before the screen is released!

    $50 - Red Carpet
    All of the above PLUS:
    A special mention in the "Special Thanks" Section of our film!
    You will receive an "Invitation to the Screening of the Film and Wrap Party" -which will be held in the Los Angeles area (travel & lodging not included), and live-streamed for those who cannot attend the LA screening!

    $100 - Gold Star
    All of the above PLUS:
    You will receive a digital copy of the signed script - signed by the director and cast!
    A special edition digital copy of the movie poster, with your name on the poster, signed by director & cast and crew!

    $250 - Director's Circle
    All of the above PLUS:
    Exclusive insider information on our plans for the film, including our festival submissions and distribution strategy.
    A hard copy of the DVD, signed by director and cast inside!

    Synopsis :
    Carl has always dreamed of going to space. After losing his mother, Carl tries to hold onto this, even while in a wheelchair; who is also a character in our movie. Although Carl and his father have little in common, they must try to heal together through this difficult time of moving on.

    Website : https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/take-me-to-the-stars#story

    We count on you to help this nicely project...

    photos : Copyright Stephanie Renaud