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Courts-metrages - Melting Stars: a new short documentary to discover

  • 28.05.2017

    Melting Stars unravels the mystery behind one of the most catastrophic species die offs in recorded history. In 2013 scuba divers off the West coast of British Columbia discovered that the star fish were dying in the millions and suffering horrific deaths. They were disintegrating into goo on the ocean floor and the environmental balance of the marine ecosystem was being changed. Soon the immensity of this epidemic came to light and what researchers had dubbed the Sea Star Wasting Syndrome was now effecting several star fish species all along the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Mexico. The virus was also discovered in preserved museum samples from the 1940's. So, what has changed? Melting Stars follows the clues on this marine mystery. "I was thrilled to have had such...

Courts-metrages - Panic Attack: our review

  • 26.05.2017

    Synopsis;You know the nagging thoughts that start with "did I leave the coffee on?" and turn in to "what if I give birth to Satan's baby?" This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman's slippery hold on reality. Whispertone’s review: Eileen O'Meara unquestionably captures the feelings of anxiety, distraction, and worry with her illustrations in her new hand drawn short "Panic Attack!" With seamless fluid transitions from start to finish the flow of this two and a half minute animation is all done in one continually transforming drawing. From the perspective of a woman waiting at a stop light as she begins to experience a panic attack the viewer travels with her...