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Courts-metrages - Wink : a narrative short

  • 10.06.2017

    A lonely and slightly repressed housewife discovers an unusual way to spice up her afternoon.

    The short film by Monika Petrillo tackles the relatable theme of isolation within a relationship. Melanie (Caitlin Brandes) and Gerald (Michael Chandler) play a couple attempting to celebrate their anniversary. Melanie makes her efforts to prepare for the night she is eager to share with her husband but Gerald falls asleep working and completely forgets the special day. The next morning Melanie is feeling detached and seems somewhat defeated but Gerald remembers what he missed and messed up and promises to make it up to her.

    “Wink” is an unusual story of a woman seeking attention and affection from her not to be bothered busy husband. A common experience for relationships is that they can tend to lose that all engulfing flame that their relationship started as. So as the fire dies down for Melanie and Gerald she continues on with her daily activities until a spark for something new crosses her path.

    As she performs a routine task of cleaning out her goldfish bowl she places the fish in the bathtub. After some time passes she longingly observes the movements of the fish and reaches into the tub so as to make “skin to scale” contact. She finds this bobbing little creatures touch to be thrilling and eventually Melanie’s desperation elevates and she enters the bathtub, where the goldfish brings her a profound form of exhilaration.

    The short film taps into a peculiar genre of relationship issues that many may know. “Wink” clearly illustrates the lonely that comes along with feeling abandoned in a relationship. Melanie’s isolationism is not necessarily Geralds fault because she never actually vocalizes her desires to him. On the other hand however if a couple does not know that their counterpart has needs and physical wants then they may be just as at fault as well.

    Based on a story by Victor Vicas and Li Erben, Monika Petrillo has written and directed the short film “Wink” which encompassess and encapsulates the feeling of desperation to be desired by a lover who is growing distant. Caitlin Brandes (Melanie) portrayal is as lovely as she is and the idea of her finding satisfaction bathing with a goldfish is pleasantly quirky. “Wink” is relevant to anyone experiencing or having experienced a distance growing in their relationship, and those paralleling Melanie should reach out to their companion immediately..or possibly buy a goldfish.

    Rating : 3/5

    Written by Whispertone