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  • Cities Skylines is a city builder development game similar to the Simcity games of the past. Cities was released in March of 2015 on desktop systems and has had five major expansions and updates during that time that puts you in charge of growing a city from its first groundbreaking to a thriving and growing city of your imagination. You have the ability to manage the public service and civic policies as your challenge yourself to grow your city from a small town to a major metropolis providing you the income to grow your city.

    In the newly released Xbox One Edition and soon to be released Playstation 4 game some of the best we get the first major parts of the desktop game to begin our adventure.

    You are able to build your roads, and infrastructure that includes pipes to bring water to your citizens and power plants to light up your homes. As in any great city building you need to plan your roads, bus lines, and parks in order to keep your citizens happy and moving from one place to another. You have the ability to produce a thriving industrial complex or create a small beachfront town that could be the envy of any green activist. Do you want to educated your children, provide health care, prevent fires or allow lawlessness to run rampant. You have the decisions to control; with easy to navigate menus and controls that allow you to zoom in or out in order to see you grand creation.

    There are several speeds to the game and the ever popular pausing of time that allows you to fast forward time to magically create a several city blocks in an instant. I find that playing at the slowest speed is the most enjoyable in creating a new city to allow each block of residences, industrial and commercial property to build a proper pace to maximize income and prevent instabilities that occur as your city grows, too much industrial areas brings increased income and jobs but also crime that requires more police buildings that take away from your income.

    The graphics are realistic and the ability to see how each of your decisions affects your city such as where traffic congestion is occurring and choosing your road options and traffic flow occurs is a unique and incredibly detail ability that this game provides. As your city grows and you reach specific milestones you have new options and items that you can place to build your city from the basic one and two way roads to multilane highways and freeways and bridges.

    This great ability can also be the only negative that the game has in which you can become information overload. In today’s society and anyone that would be interesting in playing this game would no doubt thing that could not possibly be a negative. I would agree but since every good review must include at least bit of constructive criticism, this is the only one that I would be able to find.

    With the game developers at Tantalus and Paradox Interactive for the desktop version of the game, creating additional updates and expanding content with four DLC downloadable content expansions, After Dark in September 2015, Snowfall in February 2016, free DLC Match Day in June 2016, Natural Disasters in October 2016, and the most recent expansion released last month Mass Transit and a new Patch 1.7.2 just released for the desktop version of this game, they will no doubt bring this content to the consuls which will have provide playability and new content to keep you coming back for more and more.

    by Novias (Joshua Jason Sanchez)