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Festivals - PAMA 2018 : Kristanna Loken’s exclusive interview

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 19 juin 2018

    "Believe in and follow your dreams!" ~ Kristanna Loken This year, Kristanna Loken is one of the international Judges of the Part Art and movies Awards. We had the chanceto make a nice interview with her.. she is an American actress popular for her roles in the films Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), BloodRayne (2005) and Bounty Killer (2013) and on the TV series Painkiller Jane (2007).. Q : Hello Kristanna, at Mulderville we loved your performances in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), or BloodRayne (2005) just to name a couple. Can you tell us about your background and how you became an actress with Academy Boyz in 1997 ? Kristanna Loken : Since I was a little, tiny, girl I wanted to be an actress. I...

Festivals - PAMA 2018 : William Dickerson’s No Alternative movie interview

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 19 juin 2018

    Q : Hello William, what can you tell us about your background and how you became a director? William Dickerson : I studied filmmaking at The American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California, and have been directing feature films since. I’ve always felt drawn to the visual language of cinema, ever since I was young. My grandfather gave me his camcorder when I was 10 years old and I shot everything I could possibly shoot with it. It has been my passion for nearly my entire life. Q : What can you tell us about your collaboration with Dwight Moody on the “No Alternative” screenplay? William Dickerson : This film is inspired by real people in my life—namely, my sister, Briana, who suffered from...

Exhibition - E3 2018 – Marseille Mcable the better way to upscale your games to 4K

  • Par adj85, Los Angeles, Convention Center, le 18 juin 2018

    I went to this demo not really knowing what to expect. When I asked about the product, I was told it had patented technology to help improve tv quality. When I showed up and seen the demo by Founder and CEO Amine Chabane. I was defiantly blown away. The mCable is more of a mini computer, than it is a cable. That’s because it does more than a standard cable. I think that because you hear what it does, it is hard to believe it unless you can see it with your own eyes. This product was developed for one simple reason. To give consumers the opportunity to upgrade their quality of entertainment, without breaking the bank. The mCable is like none other. It is compatible with PlayStation PS3, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and most games. No additional hardware or software...

Livres - Retour sur l’île de Viveca Sten, notre critique

  • Par Litpol56, Paris, le 16 juin 2018

    Le lendemain de Noël le cadavre d’une femme est retrouvée sur la plage .C’est une journaliste correspondante de guerre Jeannette Thiels qui est connue pour ses prises de position à l’encontre d’un parti conservateur de Suède. C’est le sixème roman de Viveca Sten qui se déroule à Sanddhamm .Cette île au large de Stockholm sur la mer baltique est très prisée l’été par les touristes et les suédois qui possèdent une résidence secondaire .On retrouve avec plaisir pour cette enquête les personnages récurrents : l’inspecteur Thomas Andreasson et Nora Linde avocate dans une banque. Les vies personnelles des héros et autres personnages...

Exhibition - E3 2018 – StarLink Battle for Atlas

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, Convention Center, le 14 juin 2018

    One of the most anticipated games to come out at E3 was StarLink Battle for Atlas. At Ubisoft’s conference. They revealed a Switch exclusive version for Fox McCloud’s Arwing fighter from Star Fox. Exciting old fans, Fox will be a playable character in the Switch version of the game. The Switch version will also missions exclusive to Star Fox. This game has 7 different world. It’s a third person action adventure game takes place 400 million light years away in space. The game goes threw different environments and time. StarLink Battle for Atlas was made specifically for players to have a open world experience. There is 4 types of ships and characters in this game. It was designed to go from space to on planets. Not many games can pull this off. But...