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Presentation - Hidden figures / modern figures : A journey of breaktroughs in cinema and space travel

  • Par adj85, Los Angeles, Samuel Goldwyn Theater, le 29 novembre 2017

    On Wednesday November 29th, 2017 at Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The Academy Science and Technology Council in collaboration with NASA held a panel. This panel was split into two parts. The host was Beverley J. Wood, a industry veteran. She came out of retirement to moderate this panel. One group was the movie Director Theodore Melfi, along with people who helped make the actual movie (included Fox 2000 president Elizabeth Gabler, writer-director-producer Theodore Melfi, film editor Peter Teschner, cinematographer Mandy Walker). The second was woman who were inspired and work at NASA ( Jet Propulsion Laboratory) currently (Dr. Bill Barry and NASA engineers Tracy Drain, Jennifer Trosper and Powtawche Valerino). The panel was put together to celebrate the...