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Music - Jared Faber’s Interview : A great musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer

  • Par Mulder, Los angeles, le 27 mars 2018

    Q: Please can you make a short presentation about your background before becoming a composer? Jared Faber : When I was about 14 my dad took me to see the movie Hail Hail Rock and Roll, the documentary about Chuck Berry. I knew that day that I wanted to make music forever! I had already been playing guitar but that was a turning point. That’s when I decided it would be a career and a life choice. I grew up in New York City and studied music through out high school and continued on to Berklee Collage of music to continue studying. I really didn’t know exactly where a career in music would take me at that point. I was just hoping to find a way to earn a living making music. I had always been interested in computers and recording and music...

Music - Interview with Cliff Martinez : Steven Soderbergh, Nicolas Winding Refn .. Game night

  • Par Mulder, Los angeles, le 6 mars 2018

    Q: Please can you make a short presentation about your background before becoming a famous musician and composer? Cliff Martinez : I was a rock and roll drummer for many years. I performed and recorded with THE WEIRDOS, THE DICKIES, LYDIA LUNCH, THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and my all-time favorite musical hero, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART. I became fascinated by music technology in the late 80's and in part, that is what led me out of rock and roll and into film scoring. Q: What is for you the main duty of a good composer? Cliff Martinez : The function of the score varies with each film. Sometimes music gets a starring role, sometimes a minor role, and sometimes I feel like I'm just sitting out in the parking lot waiting for the film...

Music - HMMA 2017 : A great event that we have covered for the first time..

  • Par adj85, Los Angeles, Avalon, le 16 novembre 2017

    Star studded audience attends the Hollywood Music in Media awards to honor outstanding composers and songwriters in film, TV and videogames Over two thousand attendees including leading songwriters, composers and recording artists attended Thursday’s Hollywood Music and Media Awards at the Avalon - Hollywood. The event, hosted by comedian Ron Pearson, brought together songwriting royalty, Academy Award winners, and the new voices in TV, film and videogame music. The night included the HMMA Career Achievement Award to Diane Warren. Musical performances included a special 25th Anniversary Tribute to The Bodyguard Soundtrack. “Run to You” was performed by its songwriters Allan Dennis Rich and Judd Friedman. The soundtrack was released exactly 25 years ago today...

Music - My friend Dahmer : our Andrew Hollander ‘s interview is now online

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 10 novembre 2017

    Q: Hi Andrew please can you tell us some words about your musical backgrounds ? Andrew Hollander : Sure. I started playing piano when I was around 12. I played in bands all through high school and then I went to college to study with Yusef Lateef. It was at that time that I started composing a lot, studying orchestration, and really being exposed to all kinds of different music. Once I graduated I moved to NYC, got hired to score a low budget indie film by a great director who had just come out of NYU and it was an awesome experience. I was totally hooked. At the same time I started writing and producing different artists which I also loved. That really set me on the path to both score films and be a songwriter/producer. Q: we are...

Music - Dalal Bruchmann Listening LA Event September 2017

  • Par adj85, Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard Suite, le 26 septembre 2017

    Under dim lights in a music studio in Hollywood, CA., Dalal Bruchmann had a small and intimate album listening party. Born April 30th, 1990, Dalal debuted all-new music from her new classical album The Quiet Heart being released October 13th, 2017 surrounded by friends, musicians, and industry elites. Dalal is an Arabic given name meaning "touch with love and kindness". The Austrian born singer has been perfecting her talent from a young age. While she attended Broadway Connection music school she was inspired by Beethoven, Prince, Celine Dion and many others. She hit the music scene with a debut song called "Taste the Night" in 2011. The music video for this song hit over a million views on YouTube in no time at all. Dalal would go on to perform her hit song before huge crowds,...