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LA-Event - Warner Bros Hollywood – Horror made here 2018

  • Par Lauren, Los Angeles, le 31 octobre 2018

    Warner brothers is back with its third annual Halloween haunt, Horror Made Here Festival of Frights. It stands out from the rest and shines bright. Even though it is much smaller, they don’t sell an over excessive amount of tickets to make more money, so it feels more intimate and less crowded. Yes if you have a general ticket and aren’t there at open the lines can get long but it’s because they don’t try to cram as many people into each maze at a time so you don’t get stuck at the back missing all the scares. It also give you more space to see all of the intricate details throughout each scene you walk through.

    Though True Blood has been off the air for 4 years it doesn’t stop it from being a fan favorite. They turned part of the lot into the vampire bar, Fangtasia. Before entering you have a few vampires hanging out at the door letting people trickle in a little at a time. Once inside you’re greeted by glowing red lights that emanate from every corner. You have an opportunity to sit upon Eric Northman's chair that sees over the whole bar. If you decide to get a drink you’re definitely in for a treat. You can get a V shot that comes in a tube or try a blood bag that comes in two different flavors. There are plenty of places to get food or drinks if a bar isn’t really your thing, swing by the Crave Inn to grab a slice of pizza.

    As far as the mazes go they brought back the infamous Neibolt house from IT this year but changed things up a bit. Instead of entering the front of the house like last year you enter from the backside and slowly make your way through the story, scene by scene. Also a different change is they don’t have anyone guide you through the maze this year, they follow other haunts and let you wander through alone, again not over crowding the maze so you can take in all the amazing details in each scene. If you’re a fan of the new IT, it’s hard not to love this maze. You still have an opportunity to take photos of the front side of Neibolt house and if you have your timing right, Georgie might even come join you on the front steps to take some photos. Keep an eye out near the house, because located in a storm drain is Pennywise himself, he might try to convince you to come get Georgie’s boat.

    New this year is Arkham Asylum. If you’re a big Batman fan and love the video game you’ll love this maze. It’s not particularly scary but it certainly is fun to look at. You’re greeted by Harley Quinn, who has you admitted as an inmate in Arkham Asylum, but watch your step, you’re bound to run into some of the Jokers goons and even the Joker himself.

    The Conjuring isn’t too different from the previous year but it still packs a punch. If you love The Conjouring universe this maze has everything, you get to wander through the Warrens collection and see their many haunted artifacts, don’t touch anything though, they are haunted after all. You won’t escape the maze without running into the Nun, she makes quite a few appearances.

    Last year they had a backlot tram tour that took you through a few sets but this year they actually drop you off at one. This particular set, the jungle set, has been remastered to be Nightmare on Camp Crystal Lake. The lighting is minimal so keep an eye out for the unexpected. Jason is going to chase you down, and when you think you’ve lost him you’re going to run into Freddy Kruger. My favorite part was walking into the summer camp bunk houses.

    The church on the backlot that has appeared in movies such as The Lost Boys and Monster Squad, this year is home to a screening of The Exorcist. Yes you read that right, they’re screening The Exorcist in a church. It’s not just any old screening though, you’ll spend about as much time in the church as you would in any of the mazes. Prepare for some special effects that will really get your heart racing.

    If you’re willing to splurge a little, I highly recommend buying the VIP pass, aka The Losers Club pass, it gets you free priority parking, two free drinks of choice, yes including alcohol, a free IT photo opp and front of the line access. Be sure to make your way into the horror gift shop, they have some amazing merchandise for various horror movies, not to mention the store decorations really help set the scene. Horror Made Here runs every weekend of October, be sure to snatch up those tickets while you still can, you don’t want to miss this haunt.

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    Photos and Video : Lauren Sanchez
    Written by Lauren Sanchez