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Interview - Maciej Zielinski : Discover a great movie composer

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 26 février 2018

    Q : Hello Maciej, please can you make a short presentation about your background before becoming a composer? Maciej Zielinski : hello, It is hard to talk about my background “before becoming a composer” as I started to compose very early, even before primary music school. At the beginning I was improvising, trying to craft some melodies, add some simple harmonies on the piano. My father - Andrzej “Fats” Zielinski - was a famous jazz drummer in Poland. My family house was always full of famous Polish musicians. Some of them got international recognition, including Basia (Trzetrzelewska), Ula Dudziak, and Michal Urbaniak. My father used to record music to Roman Polanski’s early movies. He worked with Krzysztof Komeda the...

Interview - Ben Lovett’s Interview on The ritual and other score movies

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 20 février 2018

    Q: Please can you make a short presentation about your background before becoming a composer ? Ben Lovett : I grew up in a small town and never had any musical training when I was young. I taught myself how to play the guitar in high school by listening to punk rock records, then dove into learning about recording techniques, built a little studio and started recording bands in Athens, Georgia when I was in college. I met a lot of creative and inspired young artists there and wound up scoring a film when I was about 19 even though I had no clue what I was doing. The people making the movie didn’t know what they were doing either though so it worked out fine and was a great experience. That was 20 years ago and though my life and career have taken...

Interview - Sergio Moure de Oteyza ‘s Interview

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 19 février 2018

    Q: Please can you make a short presentation about your background before becoming a composer ? Sergio Moure de Oteyza : I always wanted to be a composer, from the first time my father played the music of great creators such as Mahler, Beethoven or Bach on the record player. It was also clear very early in my life that I wanted to compose for film, create original music to accompany the images and stories that were described on a screen, influenced by Nino Rota, Georges Delarue, Ennio Morricone, .... Q: What is for you the main duty of a good composer? Sergio Moure de Oteyza : The main duty of a film composer is to put himself at the service of the story that the director wants to tell. We help to make the film be...

Interview - Chris Claremont’s X-men : Patrick Meaney’s Interview

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 8 février 2018

    Q: We have just seen your excellent documentary Chris Claremont’s X-men and we have a lot of questions to ask. To begin can you make a short presentation for our readers that don’t know you ? Patrick Meaney : I'm a filmmaker who's produced several documentaries about comics books and comic creators, including Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously and The Image Revolution, as well as the upcoming horror film House of Demons. Chris Claremont's X-Men is my latest documentary and it's being released on February 6th by XLRator. Q: Lot of actual movies and series are based on ythe Chris Claremont’s work as X-men and recently X Men: Days of future past and nextly The Dark Phoenix Saga". From Comics...

Interview - Sean Meehan for his short movie Lost Face

  • Par Nikayaya, San Diego, le 21 décembre 2017

    Q: Thank you Sean, for taking time to answer questions on your critically appraised short film Lost Face. I recently had the honor of screening it at The San Diego Film Festival and was curious what drew you to the lesser known Jack London tale? Sean Meehan : My favourite writers have that rare ability to tell stories that are outwardly simple yet tremendously layered. Jack London’s story feels like a straightforward tale about a man trying to cheat death, but there’s so much more going on in terms of the power dynamics, shifting loyalties, conflicting personal motivations, the tragic history of the Americas, and there’s even a dark, subtle humour – which I love. Gallows humour appeals to me for some reason.