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Interview - The Florida Project : our Sean Baker’s interview

  • Par Mulder, Paris, le 20 novembre 2017

    Q : After our first interview during the Deauville film festival in 2015 for your previous movie Tangerine, it is a real honor for us to make this second interview on your new movie The Florida Project . Please can you talk a little about the origins of this one? Sean Baker : The origins of this one is my co-screenwriter Chris Bergoch. He is the one who began sending me news articles about back around 2011-2012 regarding the situation in Kissimmee which is right outside Orlando Florida.I was intrigued, I did not know what’s happening in United States honestly. I want to refer to that, I mean, the issue hits almost individuals, families with children living in budget motels. So, this is something I thought that we can found very powerful narrative...

Interview - The Florida Project : Notre interview du realisateur Sean Baker

  • Par Mulder, Paris, le 20 novembre 2017

    Q : Après notre première interview fait durant le festival du cinéma américain de Deauville en 2015 pour votre précèdent film Tangerine, c’est un véritable honneur pour notre media de faire cette seconde interview pour The Florida project. Pouvez-vous nous parler des origines de ce film ? Sean Baker : Les origines de ce film relèvent de mon coscénariste Chris Bergoch. C’est lui qui a commencé à m’envoyer des articles entre 2011 et 2012 sur ce qui se passait à Kissimmee près d’Orlando en Floride. Je fus intrigué, je ne savais pas ce qui se passait aux Etats-Unis honnêtement. Il y a des personnes isolées et des familles...

Interview - Douglas Pipes : From Bonneville, Arizona to The Babysitter, a great movie composer

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 6 novembre 2017

    Q: Can you make a short presentation about your background before becoming a composer? Douglas Pipes : My first job was for a French director. I was pursuing a career as a songwriter in a band when Alan Ruffier approached me to create music for his independent film. I worked on two films for him and found that I loved composing music for film. I composed music for three independent films and realized I wanted to become a better composer, so I stopped taking work and went to university to study orchestral composition and orchestration. I had plenty of experience with synthesizers and computers but wanted to become a more well-rounded composer. During my studies here in California I took a year as an exchange student to study music at a university in...

Interview - Geostorm : Our Lorne Balfe’s interview

  • Par adj85, Los Angeles, le 20 octobre 2017

    Q: You have composed a lot of excellent movie score as Terminator Genisys (2015), The Lego Batman Movie (2017) and recently also for the sci-fi short film Rakka. What can you tell us about the collaboration with Neill Blomkamp? Lorne Balfe: I’ve been working with Neill Blomkamp for maybe two years and I started out with about fifteen to twenty short movies with him, and of course I’ve always known of his work and I love it. I started working with him and I think he has heard my music from the movie Michael Bay’s 13 Hours. So I started working with Neill. Im still working with Neill, I literally finished another short film he just made called Adam. He is a very unique filmmaker and also the way he is making content is fascinating because...

Interview - Annie Waits : our April Kelley’s interview

  • Par thej00, Los Angeles, le 4 octobre 2017

    Q: How did you get the idea for this short? Personal experience? Friends personal experience? or...did the Ben Folds song of the same name help inspire the movie? April Kelley : The short actually came to me by its writer, Chris Anastasi. At the time it was called ‘The Circle of Life’. But after a gin-fuelled weekend with Chris where we were developing the short and series further by Chris inundating me with many a female question, Ben Folds ‘Annie Waits’ came to the surface and we knew then it had to be called that. Q: Being that the Ben Folds song plays over the end credits, was Ben involved in the movie at all, or did the production company just tell him about it, and he gave his blessing for the song to be...