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Interview - Annie Waits : our April Kelley’s interview

  • Par thej00, Los Angeles, le 4 octobre 2017

    Q: How did you get the idea for this short? Personal experience? Friends personal experience? or...did the Ben Folds song of the same name help inspire the movie? April Kelley : The short actually came to me by its writer, Chris Anastasi. At the time it was called ‘The Circle of Life’. But after a gin-fuelled weekend with Chris where we were developing the short and series further by Chris inundating me with many a female question, Ben Folds ‘Annie Waits’ came to the surface and we knew then it had to be called that. Q: Being that the Ben Folds song plays over the end credits, was Ben involved in the movie at all, or did the production company just tell him about it, and he gave his blessing for the song to be...

Interview - Kingsman : The Golden Circle : Matthew Margeson

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 22 septembre 2017

    Q: You were asked about working with Klaus Badelt, and also you've worked on additional music as well as scores, synth, programmer, and arranger with James Dooley, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Heitor Pereira, Brian Tyler, Hans Zimmer. What things would you say helped forge a great relationship with those composers? Matthew Margeson : I think being respectful to the fact that they are the lead composer and deciphering what their intention is for the score, and then bringing your creative influence to see how you can lend to that intention. And also on a more practical level, I think they hire additional music writers to help dissect their themes and their motives and their musical grammar and come up with new derivatives of those ideas, someone that can do...