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Entretiens - Notre interview de Victoria Atkin : Evie Frye dans Assassin's Creed Syndicate (vo)

  • Par Mulder, , le 3.11.2015

    Q: Can you present yourself to our French audience (background) ?
    Victoria Atkin : I am Victoria Atkin and I play Evie Frye in Assassins Creed Syndicate. Having spent my career in television and film this is my first video game role. In addition to the voice of Evie in the game I performed the full capture performance, which means her facial expressions and body movements are also mine. It was shot very much like a piece of theatre with cameras.

    Q: How did you arrived on this so awaiting game Assassin's Creed Syndicate ?
    Atkin : I completed a self taped audition for it originally from my home in LA. I was informed that they had held auditions all over Canada, NYC and London. They eventually saw my tape from LA and I was flown over to meet the producers in Quebec.

    Q: Did you know the saga Assassin Creed before being Evie Frye in this new game ?
    Atkin : I had heard of the franchise but I hadn't played the games. It was very exciting to start looking at the previous games during my initial preparation for the role.

    Q: What were the main challenges that you have met during the production of this game ?
    Atkin : The main challenges I met during the production of this game were understanding where things were in the space at times. You don't have any props or a set when shooting the scenes so all the walls and furniture of the animated room are marked out on the floor. I had to be careful Evie didn't walk through any walls! (Although she's such a badass I don't think it would surprise anyone if she did.)

    Q: Are you a gamer and which games are you preferate ?
    Atkin : I like to game when I have time. Of late I have been rather busy with shooting this game that when I get time off and I'm not working on my own creative projects I, like Evie, like to read.

    Q: How did you approach the Evie Frye character?
    Atkin : I spent time researching the Victorian era first off and then from there I then had a sense of how Evie might be living during this time. With this I then studied the script to find her purpose and reasons for taking down the Templars understanding her personal history and family relationships. I was very fortunate to work alongside some wonderfully talented actors who brought the historical characters to life. This made it easy to build strong and truthful relationships that differed with each and every one of them giving a truth to Evie's world on screen.

    Q: What are you current projects?
    Atkin : I have a tv guest lead as a murderer coming up at the end of November! I have also just finished shooting a independent feature film called HAUNTED in NYC which is a physiological thriller where I play a Virginia Wolfe type character called Beatrice. In addition to this I have the audio book version of my debut Novel "London Love" (available to buy and download on Amazon) which will be out for Christmas. The DLC for Assassins Creed Syndicate will also be out in December and the PC version of the main game will be in shops on November 19th 2015.

    Avec tous nos remerciements à Victoria Atkin pour avoir répondu à nos questions
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