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Entretiens - Wonder Woman and Aaron Sims Creative Interview

  • Par Novias, Burbank, le 15 juin 2017

    On May 3rd 2017 we had the opportunity to sit down and interview Aaron Sims and Steffen Reichstadt at their Burbank offices where they spoke about their company and give us some teasers of their specific work on the Wonder Woman movie by Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Comics that we are now able to share with you along with some exclusive materials to Mulderville. Aaron Sims Creative, ASC was founded by Aaron Sims in 2005 as a design company and has grown into more of a visual effects house, heavily still in design but they do a little bit of everything and they do it all very. Some of the most recent productions that they worked on were The Incredible Hulk, Conjuring and Stranger Things. They have a team of 35 plus people in Los Angeles, and are always...

Entretiens - Interview Michael Kramer’s Lego Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 9 juin 2017

    "Anyone who's grown up with LEGOs knows the thrill of disassembling a set to create something entirely new from the same pieces. The music of 'LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures' does exactly this. It draws from the same familiar building blocks forged by John Williams: the indelible epic themes, the operatic drama of the orchestra, the fearsome brassy fanfares, and the quirky character music that brings so much humanity to the void of space. By combining these elements in an exciting new configuration, the Freemaker score breaks new ground, yet still captures the intangible heart of Star Wars. " – Michael Kramer Q: What can you tell us about your background? Michael Kramer : I grew up studying classical piano and playing in...

Entretiens - Our interview with Rael Jones on My Cousin Rachel and his career

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 16 mai 2017

    Q: What could you tell us about your background? Rael Jones: For me, music began with classical training at an early age, starting on piano. At the same time I would play my dad’s guitar and later got a drum kit, as I started to get more into rock music of the time. By the time I was a teenager I was equally likely to be playing a classical piano concert as a rock gig in a pub somewhere. For me, these two worlds have always coexisted, the tutored, precise world of classical music, alongside the more raw expression of rock music. I’d always write in both styles too - improvised piano pieces, and rock songs to play with the bands I was in. Then, I got more interested in the technical side of music and the science of the sound and studied that...

Entretiens - Rock’n’Roll … Of Corse: Notre interview de Lionel Guedj

  • Par Mulder, Paris, le 18 avril 2017

    nous avons rencontré ce matin Lionel Guedj, l’un des deux réalisateurs du film documentaire Rock’n’Roll … Of Corse. Vous pourrez trouver ci-dessous notre interview dans son intégralité : Retrouvez la bande annonce de ce film documentaire : Notre critique est disponible ici Notre test du double DVD ici Né à Luri, un petit village corse, Henry Padovani a depuis son enfance été attiré par la guitare. A 17 ans, il fonde son premier groupe musical, Lapsus puis rejoint le groupe les...

Entretiens - Rock’n’Roll … Of Corse : Notre interview avec le legendaire Henri Padovani

  • Par Mulder, Paris, le 15 avril 2017

    Q: Vous êtes une véritable légende du Rock’n’Roll. Vous avez participé à la création du groupe mythique Police avec Stewart Copeland et Gordon Matthew Sumner (Sting), vous avez été le drecteur et vice-président de IRS Recods, été le manager de Zucchero.. Que réprésente pour vous la musique de manière générale et pourquoi ? Henry Padovani : La musique est comme ma maitresse et ma mère. Comme une religion. Comme le sens de ma vie. J’ai tout appris avec la musique. Comme un tout. J’ai abordé beaucoup des différents aspects de la musique, que ce soit en tant que musicien, producteur ou manager et je...