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  • Shazam!
    On a tous un super-héros qui sommeille au fond de soi… il faut juste un peu de magie pour le réveiller. Pour Billy Batson, gamin débrouillard de 14 ans placé dans une famille d'accueil, il suffit de crier "Shazam !" pour se transformer en super-héros. Ado dans un corps d'adulte sculpté à la perfection, Shazam s'éclate avec ses tout nouveaux superpouvoirs. Est-il capable de voler ? De voir à travers n'importe quel type de matière ? De faire jaillir la foudre de ses mains ? Et de sauter son examen de sciences sociales ? Shazam repousse les limites de ses facultés avec l'insouciance d'un enfant. Mais il lui faudra maîtriser rapidement ses pouvoirs pour combattre les forces des ténèbres du Dr Thaddeus Sivana…

Critique de Mulder

  • Warner Brothers and DC Comics have delivered a fun movie that will be enjoyable for everyone who sees it. Coming off several movies that have a much darker and serious tone, Shazam! Keeps with the light hearted while still delivering a good storyline. The origins of the story aren’t too in-depth but short and sweet, letting you dive right into the protagonist and his companions escalating adventures.

    It all comes down to if you could be a superhero what powers would you choose? Would you immediately make yourself a costume and go out and fight crime? Shazam! depicts a very probable outcome of what it would look like if the average person, teenager or not, would do if they woke up one day with a multitude of super powers. We’re talking figuring out what powers you have, how well they work, how far you’re willing to go with said powers. It’s safe to say the average person might spend more time playing around seeing how cool their abilities are before they jump into crime fighting. But just because you’re young doesn’t mean you’re more interested in fooling around, Billy Batson, played by Asher Angel, steps up his game and learns what it means to be a real superhero.

    It’s not all fun and games however, with every super hero movie comes a villain storyline played Mark Strong. Strong doesn’t hold back when it comes to being a villain, making you feel uneasy every time he walks into a scene. The movie also touches on the subject of fostered children in the system, not something you see every day at the movies. They show just because you’re not blood related doesn’t mean the family, you’re apart of isn’t your real family, it’s all about the ones who have your back at the end of the day.

    Zachary Levi who plays Shazam delivers a hilarious performance, a grown man with the mentality of a teenage boy, things are bound to be hilarious. He is supported throughout the movie by Jack Dlyan Grazer who is known for playing Eddie Kaspbrak in IT, which if you’ve seen his performance in that movie you would know that this actors comedic timing is everything and he delivers it well in this film. The movie has a wonderfully diverse cast, each character adding into the story, everyone helping to push into the epic finale. If you’re looking for a fun superhero film you don’t want to pass on this one. Shazam! Hits theaters April 5, 2019.

    Directed by David F. Sandberg
    Produced by Peter Safran
    Screenplay by Henry Gayden
    Story by Henry Gayden, Darren Lemke
    Based on Shazam! by Bill Parker, C. C. Beck
    Starring Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Asher Angel, Grace Fulton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Djimon Hounsou
    Music by Benjamin Wallfisch
    Cinematography : Maxime Alexandre
    Edited by Michel Aller
    Production company : New Line Cinema, DC Films, The Safran Company, Seven Bucks Productions, Mad Ghost Productions
    Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
    Release date : April 3 , 2019 (France), April 5, 2019 (United States),
    Running time : 132 minutes

    Watched: 3.6.2019, Hollywood Arclight, Los Angeles 4/5

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