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Fighting with my family

  • Fighting with my family
    Ricky, ancien gangster, Julia, Paige et Zak font partis d'une famille de catcheurs. Les enfants, Paige et Zak, s'inscrivent dans un concours de WWE. Bien que talentueux, les deux jeunes gens vont devoir se battre, au sens propre comme au figuré, afin de devenir des stars de cette pratique.

Critique de JamesBuckley

  • Fighting with my family was directed by Stephen Merchant and tells the true story of the female WWE wrestler named Paige. This is one of those films that are off the radar but will surprise you. With relatively unknown actress Florence Pugh, fighting with my family will have you crying and laughing in the same scene which is very difficult for most to pull off. Many may shy away from this film because they aren't wrestling fans but I am here to let you know that you do not have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this movie.

    I vaguely knew who Paige, the WWE women's wrestler was before this film. The story of how she came to fame and her bond with her family is truly touching and remarkable. You will walk out feeling so inspired and believing you can accomplish anything in life because of Paige. The film also made me want to look further into her career as well which is probably the purpose of the movie. It may take a non-wrestling fan and make them want to check it out now when they may have never watched before in their lives.

    The casting honestly was one of the biggest positives about this film. Florence Pugh who played Paige and Jack Lowden who played her brother embodied these characters. They were on another level of acting and took the audience to another place. The cast also did a really great job of landing the comedy, especially their dad played by Nick Frost. The writing also had a lot to do with it but without elite actors it still wouldn't have mattered.

    It's only February but I can see this being in my top 5 at the end of the year. I just loved the ride that these characters took me on and how much I believed what they were feeling. This film is the reason I love film because it can make you feel so much in a short amount of time. I recommend this film to any type of person that loves movies

    Fighting with My Family
    Directed by Stephen Merchant
    Produced by Kevin Misher, Michael J. Luisi
    Written by Stephen Merchant
    Based on The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family
    Starring Florence Pugh, Lena Headey, Nick Frost, Jack Lowden, Vince Vaughn, Dwayne Johnson
    Music by Vik Sharma
    Cinematography : Remi Adefarasin
    Edited by Nancy Richardson
    Production company : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Film4, The Ink Factory, Seven Bucks Productions, Misher Films, WWE Studios
    Distributed by United Artists Releasing (United States), Lionsgate (United Kingdom); Universal Pictures (International)
    Release date : 28 January 2019 (Sundance), 14 February 2019 (United States), 27 February 2019 (United Kingdom)
    Running time : 108 minutes

    February 23th at the regal in Buffalo, NY

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