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The Dark

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    On the outskirts of a small town lies Devil's Den, a mysterious tract of woods where many have entered but no one has ever left. The local legend is that the spirit of a girl who was horrifically murdered there haunts - and hunts in - this dense forest, brutally slaying anyone who dares to step into her terrain. When a young man with a dark past crosses her path, a series of events are set in motion that may lead to redemption for two tragically tortured souls.

Critique de Lauren

  • Part gothic fairytale and part chilling horror, director Justin P. Lange's debut feature balances rich imagery with a brutal and bloody story of unlikely kindred spirits who must defend themselves against the villainous powers of the "normal" world. Starring rising actors Nadia Alexander (USA's The Sinner) and Toby Nichols (Netflix's Iron Fist).

    The Devils Den, that’s where you’ll find stories of a girl who haunts the woods, stalking her victims, hunting them until their last breath. But there’s always two sides to every story. The Dark leads you into the woods and shows you both sides of said story and then some.

    This film follows one tragic story into the next, each one intertwining as if you’re walking into the thick of the trees yourself. When the monster that lives in the woods discovers a boy with his eyes clawed out she decides to help him find his way home. You slowly discover each characters tragic backstory that leaves you feeling a bit lonely yourself. But when they pull together it sets you back on a slow trek to healing.

    Nadia Alexander who plays Mina, and Toby Nichols who plays Alex both deliver a strong performance for their ages. Each character having unimaginable dark pasts and each actor making you feel the pain their characters struggle through. The anger Mina feels is palpable while the fear Alex feels radiates. The pair play so well off each other, clearly having great chemistry.

    The Dark is an original told story giving a fresh spin on a zombie tale. It almost feels reminiscent of Let The Right One In with the relationship between Mina and Alex, but with a different kind of monster. A must watch if you’re a fan of the horror genre. The Dark comes to DVD on January 15, 2019.

    Saw December 26, 2018 press screening link.

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