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And Then There Was Eve

  • And Then There Was Eve
    A successful photographer wakes one morning to find her apartment ransacked and her husband mysteriously missing. Left without even a photograph to offer the police, she turns to his colleague Eve, a talented jazz pianist with a flirtatious charm and disarming grace. Eve helps her confront her husband’s longtime struggle with depression and to, over time, accept his absence. While getting to know this woman through such unusual circumstances, Alyssa is surprised to find herself falling in love again.

Critique de Nikayaya

  • I will begin with a spoiler warning, as it would be nearly impossible to review the film And Then There Was Eve without some insight into the mystery at its core. The film was selected for the San Diego Film Festival for good reason. The movie is visually beautiful, the characters interact organically, and Tania Nolan does an amazing job of convincing us that Alyssa is a woman on the edge of sanity. Director Savannah Bloch releases the story bit by bit, holding the audience in suspense of the question; what happened to Alyssa’s husband Kevin. When we are introduced to Eve (Rachel Crowl), she seems hesitant to engage Alyssa, perplexed, and remains this way somewhat through out the movie, allowing the reveal to finally fall all our confusion into place.

    It is the overall storyline that will fill viewers with hesitation, as in the end we realize that Alyssa was not in fact searching for her lost husband, but suffering from a memory block put in place after Kevin reveals his true self to her. Some will find it hard to feel sympathy for a woman who is devastated after knowingly participating in stifling her husbands transition. One could also argue that a movie centered on a cisgender’s perception of transition furthers the wrong conversation that is needed.

    Here’s the thing, the movie is faulty, as is its main character in her reaction to her husband’s revelation, but as more and more people find the courage to match their outside to their true sex, there will be cisgender people affected. And while the changing mindset is that they are not entitled to sympathy, they should be entitled to understanding, which is what I believe And Then There Was Eve was trying to give. Love is love, as evident by the fact that Eve in her true form, still loves Alyssa deeply. With love came heartbreak for Alyssa as the image of her husband changed for her, and for Eve as she loses her love.

    The best summation of what the film missed is represented in Eve’s own words as she finally confronts Alyssa, “You’re hurt, well I’m hurt too. I am fucking devastated! You erased me from your memory; you couldn’t even see me.” And perhaps that was the issue all along.

    And Then There Was Eve
    Directed by Savannah Bloch
    Produced by Jen Prince, Jhennifer Webberley
    Written by Colette Freedman, Savannah Bloch
    Starring Tania Nolan, Rachel Crowl, Mary Holland, Karan Soni, John Kassir Anne Gee Byrd
    Release date : June 18, 2017 (LAFF)
    Running time : 96 minutes

  • 3.5