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Infinity Chamber

  • Infinity Chamber
    A man trapped in an automated prison must outsmart a computer in order to escape and try and find his way back to the outside world that may already be wiped out.

Critique de Melissa Mars

  • Infinity Chamber tells the story of an automated justice system in the future and the tragedies that occur when the computer systems become flawed. And that’s all I want to share of the synopsis. One of those scripts you don’t want to spoil. One of those films where you wanna explore and dive completely in, to follow the main character’s journey, and somehow compete with him to see who, the first, will find out and understand what is going on.

    Intrigued by the title first: infinity is one of those key words that attract me and trigger my imagination and excitation. The genre - science fiction - is my favorite with thrillers. Then came the trailer. One of those trailers that intrigue you more, that make you want to see more. And… There I was, locking myself in the infinity chamber with Christopher Soren Kelly (“Ink”) in between 4 walls of an aseptic and cold room, with the sole company of a robot-camera placed in the center of the ceiling… reminding me of a brother computer of Hal from 2001, Space Odyssey.

    Like the character, I am driven crazy trying to understand what is going on. Like the character, I feel trapped in this repeated memory of his arrestation always bringing him back to his cell, trying to remember myself if the vision of his memory is exactly the same or altered every time… Different. Why? Is this all real memories or the creation of his imagination to escape from that cell?

    A Kafkaesque world handled by robots who don’t have that information and are just robotically following their mission: keeping him alive. Isn’t it a sad reflection of some of our reality ? Humans replaced slowly by machines and automated systems that glitch...

    The filmmaker Travis Milloy who wrote it and directed it, used the repetition of that black and white tree picture poetically, like a dream escape. When the same landscape appears into the reality, the only question... fear... is it real? The beautiful transition from the infinite small space of the chamber to the infinite wide landscape of the desert gives goose bumps.

    The cinematography by Jason Nolte and the score by Jacob Yoffee (available now on digital services) deserve a special mention. The atmospheric sounds, the tone, the colors and certain camera angles help intensify the claustrophobia and tension the movie creates. The independant feature garnered the well deserved best screenplay award at the Boston film festival. A feature directorial debut announcing a promising career for Travis Milloy. I can’t wait to see more of his work.

    Infinity Chamber (2016)
    Written and Directed by Travis Milloy 
    Casting : Christopher Soren Kelly, Cassandra Clark, Chuck Klein, Brandon Loomis, Garrett Behnke, Andrea Annie Owens, Susan Belkin, Brian Ragovin, Amanda Lau, Louis Klotz, Arturo Gonzalez, Vanessa Gonzalez, Rufus
    Produced by Michael Dwyer, Thomas Eberts, , David Emrich,, Marianne Milloy, Travis Milloy, Laurie Sheldon
    Music byJacob Yoffee
    Cinematography by Jason Nolte
    Infinity chamber is available in VOD on iTunes, Amazon, Spectrum, Comcast, DirecTV.

    Seen October 1 2017 (press screener link)

  • 4.5