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Folk Hero and Funny Guy

  • Folk Hero and Funny Guy
    Un comique de stand-up qui galère part en tournée en première partie de son pote chanteur-compositeur.....   Recently dumped by his fiancée and with a stagnating standup routine, aspiring comedian-slash-copywriter Paul (Alex Karpovsky) is stuck. The manager of the club where he performs suggests he take some time off to update his comedy material, and in waltzes his childhood friend Jason Black (Wyatt Russell), an acclaimed folk-rock musician about to embark on a solo acoustic tour of the east coast. Jason suggests Paul needs to get his mojo back—and he should start by opening for Jason on tour. They set off on the road together, picking up a new act (folk singer Bryn, played by Meredith Hagner) on the way. But when Jason reveals an ulterior motive behind the tour, rifts are exposed in their otherwise affable camaraderie. Folk Hero & Funny Guy is a music-infused spin on the road-trip buddy comedy.

Critique de Whispertone

  • Jeff Grace has written and directed an authentic journey about fulfilling your dreams and the struggle to not get sidetracked along the way. Alex Karpovsky plays funny guy Paul Scott, recently "dis-engaged" and stagnating comic and his counterpart is actor Wyatt Russell performing as folk hero Jason Black. Almost as coincidence these two childhood friends seemingly from opposite sides of the spectrum meet for one drink before final call to catch up. Jason encouragingly suggest that Paul opens for him as the comedic entertainment during his solo tour. Paul hesitates at first comparing himself to pantheons like Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Steve Martin and how he falters. But when he feels he may lose the position to another comedian he hurriedly concedes to join. On the first night of their tour they meet Bryn, (played by Meredith Hagner) who works as a catalyst causing a little tension between the comedian and singer's chemistry for a portion of the film.

    The opening act clearly illustrates the failed achievements Paul believes he cannot overcome: the repetitive bombing of his rehearsed and shackled stand up, the dismantled relationship that he could not save from another man, and all the adult stress that comes with climbing out of debt. Despite a mild love triangle that sparks a couple semi-romantic dialogues the film is centered around Paul and Jason's relationship.

    Paul's unaggressive and somewhat beaten down spirit create for his inescapable routine on stage and his empathetic inducing worries are easily relatable as most would rather follow their desires too. While you root for him though you also want to shout at him to get it together. Playing the victim Paul treats his mostly supportive friend Jason as the reason for his faults on stage but refuses to see his own inabilities that hold him back from succeeding. Constantly throughout their tour of long forgotten dive bars and small venues Jason is reassuring and reaffirming of Paul's own potential. The hippy styled singer is not immune to overlooking his own flaws but genuinely is looking out for his friend best interest. Yet the story doesn't leave Jason as a one note supporting character to Paul's sad tribulations. There are tiny hints of his own inner demons during songs and even the crash and burn of missing his chance with "the one."

    "Folk Hero and Funny Guy," can casually be called a bromance through life experiences but what it actually is beyond the poor punch lines and lackluster guitar riffs is one man breakthrough. Paul plays the "average man" facing insurmountable odds against himself. The dilemma everyone meets at one point in their life, to work 9-5 in a cave or to commit to the tour... or something similar, is at the heart of this indie road trip to discovery. Deeper trails of comparison to others is what causes the turmoil but who hasn't followed the path of least resistance for a short while. From the comfort of denial to finding freedom in trusting your individual voice Jeff Grace has written a subtle comedic reflection on the pitfalls of life and the toilsome path to fulfilling your dreams.

    Saw the 12th May in VOD

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